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An app to make commuters happy.

Torontoist: "the most feature-rich"; "The neatest feature of the app is what happens when you click on a stop: it estimates your arrival time at major intersections down the line."

Blog TO: Pocket Rocket displays [alternative routes] in the most intuitive manner.

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Is that an iPhone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see your streetcar?

  • A dynamic and beautiful interface shows you the stop you're standing at, and stops on nearby routes.
  • Know when you'll arrive. Find out when you'll arrive at major intersections on the streetcar that's coming. Rest assured you'll be on time, or let someone know if you'll be late.
  • Save time. Decide with one glance if you're better off taking another route, or if you have time to grab a coffee.
  • Accurate predictions tell you when your next vehicle will arrive.
  • Built-in maps show you where nearby stops are in relation to you, so you know where to wait.
  • Special TTC services with support for rush-hour routes.
  • Instant response within seconds of launching the application.
  • Accessibility with full support for VoiceOver.

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